Rahul Raj soti

11 May 2019 06:54 AM by Rahul Raj soti

I came with terrible low back pain which was even traveling down to my legs. This made getting around for doing things extremely difficult for me and affected my quality of life a great deal. Medicines did not help and I was clueless of what I should do. I then approached Dr. Vinay Khandelwal (PT) here at Khandelwal Physiotherapy and Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre. Dr. Khandelwal’s treatment protocol, and professional, skilled and compassionate team worked wonders for me and now my pain has reduced almost 90% in just 10 days. I would like to thank Dr. Khandelwal and his team for making me feel as if I never had pain in such a short duration, and wish them all the best for future. Keep up the great work!